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Rebecca Novick

I'm a theater director and arts consultant and a believer in the power of stories.


My favorite place to be is in a room with a group of people when a shared idea catches fire.  Whether I'm directing, producing, or facilitating I can help you tell your story.

Dogsbody at La Mama/Intersection (photo: Claire Rice)


Daylighting at Shotgun Players (Photo: Pak Han)

Daylighting at Shotgun Players (Photo: Pak Han)


Storytelling with other people is how I make sense of the world.  I love new plays and new ways of making plays and I'm particularly excited about community collaborations. 


I'm an experienced consultant offering an array of services to arts organizations, foundations, and individual artists.



Audience members dance after  Spunk  at Cal Shakes (Photo: Jay Yamada)

Audience members dance after Spunk at Cal Shakes (Photo: Jay Yamada)

Arts Leader

I'm a seasoned arts leader with management experience at theaters of different sizes.  I'm a founder and innovator with a proven track record launching new companies and programs.